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Linum Labs is an industry-leading software development studio building scalable Web3 & AI solutions.

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Blockchain & Web3
Empower change with our Blockchain and Web3 experts. We specialize in developing customized solutions focusing on EVM-compatible chains.
Ai & Machine Learning
Elevate your business with personalized AI & Machine Learning solutions, staying ahead of the curve with cutting-edge technology.
About Us

An Expert Team Delivering Real Business Impact

We are a team of entrepreneurs, engineers, and designers driven by a passion for innovation. Deeply immersed in the Web3 & AI space since 2016, our team is determined to provide you with the best solution using the latest technology.
Our Work

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A revolutionary liquid staking protocol bringing node operators and validators together.

  • Product Launch Strategy
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Liquid staking innovation
  • UI/UX for Operator Staker collaboration

A social commerce platform empowering creators and influencers with the power of NFTs.

  • NFT Marketplace Development
  • Art Contract Development
  • UI/UX for Platform
  • Auctions and Minting

Introducing DAOmeter, an innovative tool that aims to transform DeFi governance evaluation.

  • Dao rating system
  • End-to-end UI/UX
  • Brand creation

Danielle Wall Elliot
"Our experience with Linum Labs was fantastic from start to finish. You can tell they stay on the pulse of what's new in the crypto space and have a diverse and qualified team. We collaborated on our design and the execution of our project. Our project manager was well-informed and kept the project"

Danielle Wall Elliot

COO, Nayms

Chuck Morris
"The Linum team provided valuable insight and experience into how to approach the product we were trying to build. Ether.fi wouldn’t have experienced anything near the success we have without Linum’s help and contribution. We continue to use their expertise for development needs to this day."

Chuck Morris

VP Head of Engineering, Ether.fi

Brett Memsic
"Linum Labs felt like a partner; Trust and integrity are important in these cases, and Linum Labs demonstrated that they cared about our success. I've spoken very highly of them and recommended them to others. Overall, they did a nice job of communicating and navigating the process."

Brett Memsic

Co-founder & CEO, Etched Inc.