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Linum Labs is a product development house for Web3, AI & Machine Learning technology focused on design, development, and blockchain consulting.

Understand how what we do can best fit your needs.

Blockchain & Web3

Empower change with our Blockchain and Web3 experts. We specialize in developing customized solutions for EVM-compatible chains and Solana.

Smart Contract Audits

We ensure integrity in your Blockchain solutions, with trust, security, and reliability in every code line. Identifying vulnerabilities, providing effective solutions.

Ai & Machine Learning

Elevate your business with personalized AI & Machine Learning solutions, staying ahead of the curve with cutting-edge technology.

Staff Augmentation

Access skilled professionals tailored to your needs. Benefit from cost-effective solutions and unlock your project's innovation potential with our expertise.

The Right Tools to Get the Job Done

We ensure excellence every step of the way. Step into a world of possibilities crafted by Web3 and AI technologies experts.
Strategy and Consulting
Crafting success starts with a solid plan. Our experts collaborate closely with you to devise effective strategies that align your business goals with innovative solutions.
Scoping and Architecture
Building the foundation for excellence. We meticulously outline project scopes and create robust architectures, ensuring seamless development and optimal performance.
UI / UX Design
Elevate user experiences through captivating designs. Our creative team crafts intuitive user interfaces that engage and delight, driving user satisfaction and engagement.
Full Stack Development
Bringing ideas to life, end to end. Our full-stack developers blend their technical prowess to create comprehensive, high-performing applications that meet your needs.
Smart Contract Development
Powering decentralized innovation. We specialize in creating secure and efficient smart contracts that underpin your Web3 projects, driving trust and transparency.
Machine Learning and AI
Enabling intelligence in every interaction. Harness the potential of AI and machine learning to uncover insights, automate tasks, and deliver personalized experiences.
Quality Assurance Testing
Ensuring excellence through meticulous testing. Our QA experts rigorously evaluate every aspect of your solution, guaranteeing its reliability, security, and seamless functionality.
Project/Product Management
Guiding success from ideation to launch. Our adept project managers oversee every phase, ensuring efficient development, clear communication, and timely delivery.

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