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Our Services
We offer a variety of customisable packages and services to suit the needs of our clients 

From training workshops for c-suite enterprise clients and developers, to full-stack development and integrable dApp extensions to your pre-existing products - we have a solution for you
Full List of our Services and Packages
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Modular DApp Development
Integration through an API interface into an existing blockchain or non-blockchain solution.

Involves mandatory scoping & access to team, system, and test environments and preliminary consultation meetings

Systems architecture
Full Stack product development and integration
Smart contract development and integration
UX/UI design and development and integration
Full DApp Development
End to End Blockchain Dapp development for stand-alone projects. This service allows for the leveraging of our full blockchain experience to create a dApp best suited to your needs.

Involves mandatory scoping & access to team, system, and test environments and preliminary consultation meetings.
Systems architecture design and engineering
Full Stack product development
Smart contract development
UX/UI design and development
Rapid Prototyping
The fast creation of a quick and working minimal products created hackathon-style in only a few weeks time with “on the job” blockchain training provided to your development team.

This package can incorporate pre-auditing of smart contracts and token engineering consultation workshops.
POCs and MVPs
UX mocks & Front End basics
Blockchain training for executive or developer team
UX research
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Full Stack DApp Development
Consultation and Scoping
Front End Development
Integrated or
Stand-alone app
cadCAD Simulations  and Modelling
& Design

UX & Product adoption research
Prototyping and
User Testing
Blockchain specific UI/UX design
Brand and
Product Design
Rapid Prototyping
Consultation and Scoping
Proof of Concept
and MVP's
Blockchain training for
internal development teams
Usability testing
Web3 Workshops & Consultation
Executive and
Developer Training
Blockchain Workshops
Consultation and Advisement
Our Process
Initial Project Exploration
This first step is an exploratory meeting and introduction to the project. The goal is to assess the viability of the product/project, define the scope, and generate an accurate roadmap. We also offer comprehensive consultations before taking on any project to ensure that the blockchain (or other web 3.0 technologies) is a good fit for your use case.
Consultation, Planning and Design
This step is important for correct project planning and design in collaboration, and can take up to 1-3 weeks depending on complexity of the project. Planning and design sprints will begin at this phase.
Development and Debugging
Further sprints covering all development will be explored and will be based on the scope and the project plan. This is step ends with final UX, smart contract development, and systems architecture.
Testing and Deployment
Functionality testing of the smart contracts, and front-end elements, along with thorough user and usability testing will be conducted in this step. Feedback cycles from users and client will begin at this phase. An audit may be included prior to launching on mainnet. This will be conducted by our external audit partner.
Approval and Maintenance
Approval of all deliverables. This final step is conducted to see what next steps there are and whether more maintenance and upgrading is needed to make sure the project is a success.
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