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Staff Augmentation

Access skilled professionals tailored to your needs. Benefit from cost-effective solutions and unlock your project's innovation potential with our expertise.

Our Expertise

We are your gateway to essential services for project success, ensuring development and innovation. Discover our specialized services!

Blockchain Developers

Leverage cutting-edge Blockchain technology with customized solutions built on EVM-compatible chains. Deploy secure, transparent, and immutable solutions, ensuring data integrity and trust within the Blockchain ecosystem.

Back End Developers

Power your server-side software with robust capabilities and high-performance functionalities. Design and implement intricate architectures, database management systems, and application logic to ensure seamless operations.

QA Specialists

Uphold the highest quality and functionality standards, employing industry-standard tools and methodologies to identify, report, and address any bugs. Conduct thorough testing and deliver reliable solutions.

Front End Developers

Create user-centric interfaces for visually engaging and seamless user experiences. Focus on intuitive design, ensuring ease of navigation and interaction for users across various devices and platforms.

UX/UI Designers

Elevate user satisfaction with intuitive and captivating interfaces, enhancing overall user experiences. Meticulously craft designs that resonate with your brand's identity and objectives.

Project Managers

Drive project success and alignment with goals by overseeing the execution of initiatives. Define the project's vision, goals, and roadmap, ensuring that it aligns with your business objectives and market demands.

Our Process

Through a transparent and communicative approach, we deliver top-tier talent adept at meeting your project needs.


Needs Assessment

We start by understanding your project requirements, outlining key skill sets, and defining the scope of work needed.


Talent Sourcing

Taking advantage of our extensive network, we carefully source and evaluate candidates with the expertise aligned to your project needs.


Screening and Selection

Rigorous evaluation and screening processes ensure that only the most qualified professionals proceed to the selection phase.


Collaborative Approach

We facilitate direct communication and collaboration between you and the shortlisted candidates to align expectations


Onboarding and Support

Once selected, our team ensures a fluid onboarding process, providing ongoing support to guarantee a successful talent integration into your project.

See Our Work

A decentralised data storage powering the next generation of censorship-resistant, unstoppable, serverless dapps.


A social commerce platform empowering creators and influencers with the power of NFTs.

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Why Linum Labs?

Flexible and dynamic

Adapting to dynamic environments, we continuously improvetech solutions through rapid iteration. Our proactive approach includes identifying potential issues, fostering a culture of innovation, and adaptability.

A top-tier team of experts

Our accomplished professionals are autonomous, accountable, and skilled, committed to driving impactful projects. We approach each project as a mission, ensuring responsible and competent execution.

Data-driven approach

We prioritize vital metrics, conduct thorough data analysis, enabling precise predictions, industry trend identification, and seizing emerging opportunities.

Attention to detail

Our focus on improving society through technology is reflected in our meticulous approach. We dive deep to uncover root complexities, ensuring our solutions fix immediate issues and create lasting, meaningful impact.

"Linum Labs felt like a partner; trust and integrity are important in these cases, and Linum Labs demonstrated that they cared about our success. I've spoken very highly of them and recommended them to others. Overall, they did a nice job of communicating and navigating the process."

Brett Memsic

Co-founder & CEO, Etched Inc.

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