Introducing DAOmeter, an innovative tool that aims to transform DeFi governance evaluation.

Skills Deployed
  • Dao rating system
  • End-to-end UI/UX
  • Brand creation

Our Impact

What is Daometer?

This groundbreaking rating system offers unmatched visibility and clarity into the realm of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). With its user-friendly interface, carefully developed by Linum Labs, the DAOmeter simplifies the intricacies of DAOs and establishes a fresh benchmark for decentralized governance, enabling users to make informed choices.

View final product here: DAOmeter

Dao Review

Daos review page allows users to view all information about that specific Dao. Users can favourite that Dao, share it and view all ratings from security to treasury. The request a review page lets those who have a Dao to send in their information so Daomater can review it and rate it.


Our team created a feature for users to choose how they would like to view the site. Creating more of an edge the this Web3 platform.

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