Introducing DAOmeter, an innovative tool that aims to transform DeFi governance evaluation.

Skills Deployed
  • Dao rating system
  • End-to-end UI/UX
  • Brand creation
Our Impact
DAOmeter enhances governance transparency by evaluating DAOs in key areas such as treasury, voting, community, security, and documentation, showcasing the validity and quality of other DAOs in the ecosystem!

What is Daometer?

This groundbreaking rating system offers unmatched visibility and clarity into the realm of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). With its user-friendly interface, carefully developed by Linum Labs, DAOmeter simplifies the intricacies of DAOs and establishes a fresh benchmark for decentralized governance, enabling users to make informed choices.

Landing Page

Daometer's landing page allows the end user to view all rated Daos for informed decision-making. By clicking on a Dao of interest, users can access comprehensive ratings. Additionally, the landing page facilitates users in submitting their Dao for rating and display on the platform.

Admin Dashboard

The admin dashboard gives Daometer full access over rating and either accepting or rejecting incoming DAOs. They can manage each Dao if information changes. Additionally, admins have the capability to manage the content on the site.

DAOs Review

DAOs review page allows users to access comprehensive information about a specific DAO. Users can favorite, share, and explore security and treasury ratings. The "Request a Review" page allows DAO owners to submit their information for review and rating by DAOmeter.

Request Review

The "Request a Review" page allows DAO owners to submit their information for review and rating by DAOmeter.


Our team created a feature allowing users to customize their viewing experience on the site, adding an innovative edge to this Web3 platform.

View final product here: DAOmeter

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