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Whether you are a brand new start-up or an enterprise level company, our team can handle your next website or blockchain integration.

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  • Dapps and DAOs

  • Smart Contracts

  • Token Engineering

  • Payment Solutions

  • NFT Creation

  • Web/Mobile Development

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  • UI/UX

  • Branding

  • Front-End Development

  • Product Design

  • Design for Blockchain

  • Iconography & Graphic Design

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  • User Research

  • Smart Contract Pre-Auditing

  • Testing & Simulations

  • Systems Architecture

  • Blockchain Training

Our Proud Clients and Partners

We have experience in developing various enterprise and startup projects for top tier international corporations and funded founders.


Linum Labs was brought on board to develop both the middleware and UI front end for a file explorer that can communicate with the data on a lower system layer (for instance any database layer, including BEE Nodes on the Swarm Ecosystem).

It would represent user data in an intuitive, designed Dapp made up of both a front end and a backend, namely the Fairdrive Dapp and Fairdrive Protocol.

Project Higlights: Smart Contract Development, Bonding Curve Engineering, UI/UX for decentralised storage
Showcase of Fairdrive
Indi Marketplace

Indi is a social commerce and monetization that is catered to creators and influencers. Linum Labs were tasked to create their NFT Marketplace.

The marketplace is designed so that influencers and creators can mint nfts, they will use existing content that they uploaded on and create NFTs from their content. Deployed on Polygon.

Project Higlights: NFT Marketplace, UI/UX for minting, selling and auctioning NFTs
Showcase of Indi Marketplace
Swarm Bzzaar
Swarm is a decentralised storage protocol that is built on the Ethereum blockchain using BZZ tokens. The Bzzaar was built to serve as a decentralised two-way token vending machine where a user can obtain BZZ tokens for use on the Swarm network and return BZZ at a value in DAI or ETH.
Project Higlights: Smart Contract Development, Bonding Curve Engineering, UI/UX for easy Token Minting/Burning, Buying/Selling
Showcase of Swarm Bzzaar
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