Momint is an NFT marketplace where users can own tradable and traceable real-world assets. Momint directs its efforts toward the realm of solar energy.

Skills Deployed
  • UX/UI redesign for swap, top-up, send, and receive features
Our Impact
🏆 Africa's #1 Web3 Platform! Momint revolutionizes the next generation of sustainable assets.


Our team created a more intuitive dashboard allowing users to Top up, Send, Swap and Receive funds as well as interact with other features within the Momint platform.

Top Up Balance

Users can also top up their Momint balance straight from the dashboard. This allows users to remain in the Momint marketplace.


The send modal allows users to send funds in a safe way to other users.


The receive modal allows users to share QR codes , generate links or copy their wallet details, so that other users can send them funds.


The swap modal allows users to swap funds, facilitating effective trading on the marketplace. Keeping it user-friendly and keeping users engaged with the platform.

View the final product here: Momint

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