A revolutionary liquid staking protocol bringing node operators and validators together.

Skills Deployed
  • Product Launch Strategy
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Liquid staking innovation
  • UI/UX for Operator Staker collaboration
Our Impact
$1.35B staked, without a single security incident.

Uniting Node Operators & Validators is the only liquid staking protocol where stakers keep control of their keys while delegating staking to node operators and earning rewards.

An Early Adopter Pool to Spike Community Interest

A revolutionary platform that bridges cutting-edge smart contract capabilities with a decentralized application interface, aimed at revolutionizing how we engage with the ETH staking community.

How Does Works?


Launching with the Base Model, “Solo Staking”, the protocol allows users to stake their ETH into and mints 2 NFTs in return. These NFTs represent the 32 Ether needed to become a node validator. - B-NFT: Non-transferable, representing 2 Ether. - T-NFT: Transferable, representing 30 Ether. B-NFT and T-NFT holders receive 90% of staking rewards in their respective NFT values, with 5% going to the protocol and 5% to the operator.


To become an active operator on, follow these steps: first, register as a node operator on the platform, then engage in the ongoing auction where registered operators bid for the opportunity to run the validator. There are two paths to becoming an active operator: either secure the highest bid in the auction or have a staker select one of your bids to pair with.

User Dashboard

The intuitive dashboard simplifies user experience by keeping users constantly updated on their stake and accumulated points. It offers a user-friendly interface, ensuring seamless tracking and effortless management.

Badges Badges serve as loyalty point recognition, highlighting achievements and contributions of users within the protocol ecosystem. There are two types of badges, variable and static, each featuring a distinct design.

The Hype is an innovative DeFi protocol that offers a unique liquid staking solution for Ethereum. The impressive performance of its early adopter contract underscores the rising demand for accessible and flexible staking protocols in the DeFi ecosystem. With plans to integrate with other DeFi platforms, is well-positioned to provide stakers with a convenient and rewarding experience while contributing to the growth and decentralization of the Ethereum network.

View the final product here: Etherfi

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