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Empowering Women & Diversity in Tech

Paula Pettit
May 7, 2023
Empowering Diversity in Web3: Linum Labs' Commitment to Inclusivity.

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Web3 & AI, diversity and inclusivity are crucial for fostering innovation, driving progress, and shaping a vibrant digital future. At Linum Labs, we firmly believe in the power of diversity and its ability to unlock the full potential of the ecosystem. Being co-founded and operated by forward-thinking women, our mission is not only to navigate this landscape but to guide and inspire women to seize the reins and join the conversation. In this article, we will explore our approach to empowering diversity and inclusivity, highlighting the tangible steps we take to make a difference.

Historically, the tech sector has been male-dominated. A recent study shows that women represent only 27% of the Web3 workforce, with even lower numbers as founding team members. These numbers don’t come as a surprise, with traditional STEM-based fields holding similar percentages. This is why, at Linum, we actively seek out individuals from different genders, cultures, and professional backgrounds to join our team, and we lead by example by having a 50% female workforce and employees across five continents.

In order to attract and maintain a diverse team, creating an inclusive culture is crucial to ensuring that everyone feels valued and empowered to contribute their unique insights. The deep tech industry is incredibly intimidating; on top of being male-dominated, it has the added complexity of industry jargon & market exclusivity. This makes entering the ecosystem an even more alienating task and discourages brilliant minds from joining the industry altogether.

At Linum, we attempt to break the hostile environment by offering a space where curiosity is encouraged & each team member’s growth and success are celebrated. We encourage discussions, questions & brainstorming, through internally facilitating frequent knowledge-sharing sessions. This not only provides a safe space for new members to slowly integrate themselves into the ecosystem, and old members to continuously grow and learn, but also allows for a friendly and inviting working environment where it’s ok to not know everything.

Creating an inviting work culture requires proactive efforts to address and combat biases and discrimination. We make a point to not stand by any kind of prejudice and hold team members, clients, partners & any party that we come into contact with accountable for any acts of discrimination.

Through our experience, this healthy work culture is instrumental in maintaining diversity. Candidates who may have felt outnumbered or marginalized in other environments are increasingly drawn to companies where inclusivity thrives. We’re fortunate to receive a consistent amount of female applicants, leveling the playing field against the industry standard and making it easier for us than seemingly our competitors, to maintain the balance within the company.

In addition to our internal efforts, we recognize that true diversity and inclusivity require collaboration and partnerships with like-minded organizations. We’re actively seeking out opportunities to collaborate with diverse industry leaders and communities, as we believe by joining forces, we amplify our collective impact and foster an ecosystem that celebrates diversity and inclusivity at its core.

We would love to connect with anyone in the tech industry who relates to this, whether you’re a woman, a minority, or an ally. Together, we can build technology and a future for everyone.

Paula and The Linum Labs Team

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