People thrive on innovation. The tech industry stands at the frontline of change, constantly evolving and shaping the future, striving to improve our world. However, in this dynamic landscape, women are often overlooked. It's time we direct some of our attention to the incredible women making waves in the technology world.

As a Linum lady, I've witnessed the power women bring to the tech table. Their contributions are like threads weaving through the digital fabric, creating a tapestry of ideas, resilience, and brilliance that often goes unnoticed.

So, I wanted to sing some praises and celebrate not just Linum women but the women in the web3 and tech industry and the men who support us, too. 

Let's kick things off by celebrating the innovators who've paved the way for women in tech. Each brings a unique perspective from Ada Lovelace, the world's first computer programmer, to today's unsung heroines shaping our digital future - not just in coding, but in tech roles too.

Devon Krantz, Chairwoman & Co-founder at Linum Labs
Emi Lorincz, Board Member & Advisor at Linum Labs
Paula Pettit, CEO at Linum Labs
Jade Bishop, COO at Linum Labs
Leila Arapi, Head of Administration at Linum Labs
Sydney Spracklen, Head of Design at Linum Labs
Ashlyn Wrigley, Project Manager at Linum Labs
Courtney Smith, Project Manager at Linum Labs
Ester Botha, Developer at Linum Labs
Selma Hrenovica, People & Culture Manager at Linum Labs
Priscila Malnero, Marketing Manager at Linum Labs
Patience Adajah, Developer at Linum Labs
Himandri Sharma, Developer at Linum Labs

At Linum, we've seen firsthand how diversity fuels innovation. Different voices, experiences, and approaches enrich our projects, leading to groundbreaking solutions. 

From coding queens to design goddesses, project management princesses, marketing maidens, culture curators, and leadership legends. Women bring a unique view to the industry. These babes enrich our projects and propel us forward while supporting each other in their career growth. 

Building a supportive community is crucial to the success of women in tech industries. I've witnessed the power of mentorship and collaboration and how it propels people's growth, knowing they are supported by the people around them and not torn down by others fighting to get to the top.

Let's actively lift each other up, share our insights, and create an environment where everyone can thrive. 

It's important to acknowledge the supportive men within the Linum community who play a pivotal role in helping us rise, break down barriers, and foster a culture of collaboration. These gents deserve special praise, they help pave the way for a diverse future in the industry.

Linum Labs' team, Cape Town Meetup

Tech isn't just a boys' club. It's time to challenge outdated stereotypes and encourage young women to pursue their passions fearlessly. Whether coding, designing, or managing projects, there's a place for everyone. At Linum, we thrive on diversity and eradicating the old notion of the “brogrammer.” 

Our Pledge: We're committed to fostering an inclusive and empowering workplace. We'll continue championing diversity, supporting women in all roles, and contributing to a tech landscape that genuinely represents everyone.

To all the women shaping the future of tech – you rock! Your contributions are invaluable, and we're excited to see what amazing things lie ahead. Let's continue breaking barriers and building a tech world that truly belongs to all.

Stay awesome,

Jade and the Linum Labs' team

Linum Labs' team, Cape Town Meetup
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