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Taking Health and Identity into a decentralised future.

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Blockchain Solutions Development

Open source is our philosophy. We collaborate with our clients to build real-world applications, backed by years of experience in building successful blockchain solutions which are developed using the latest standards and practices in blockchain technology.

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Consulting & Education

Our specialised global network, growing ecosystem partners and diverse team enables us to meaningfully educate, advise, and tailor solutions that fit our clients’ needs. We pride ourselves on providing an end-to-end service that caters for every step in the blockchain journey.

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Community Growth

Fostering collaboration and innovation within communities is a central element to the growth of blockchain technology. That is why we empower individuals to learn, grow and access resources through our large-scale hackathons and collaborative meetups.

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Molecule is an open platform for the distribution of pharmaceutical intellectual property (IP). It consists of a market-based ecosystem managed by a Swiss non-profit foundation. Molecule proposes a complementary alternative to the conventional pharmaceutical industry funding and R&D model.

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Swiss Federal Railway

Together with the Swiss Federal Railway (SBB), we successfully explored a blockchain solution in identity using uPort and the Rinkeby testnet. One of the most inefficient processes for SBB railway employees is having to manually record the inspection processes on paper. By effectively verifying worker identities and credentials, we were able to easily and effectively allow information to be stored in a tamper-proof digital ledger.

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Protea is a decentralised solution that connects and unites communities, helping to build a world founded on collaboration and a shared purpose. Built on the Ethereum protocol, Protea provides communities with incentivisation mechanisms, helping them to grow and flourish around a single vision.

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